Many people come to take lessons with a specific goal in mind.  Our first step together is to talk about what your musical goals are– where you want to take your guitar playing.  You may be interested in playing in bands and writing your own music, or simply in being able to strum some chords for your own enjoyment.  Do you want to be able to jam with friends?  Improvise in the school jazz band?  Read chord charts and standard notation?  Not everybody coming in has the exact same desires regarding direction, so my first step is to Listen to You, and then tailor lesson plans to move you towards your goals.

For beginners, I have some great methods to get you playing from Day One!

Players at all levels benefit from mutual assessment of goals, to work areas you’d like to strengthen in order to take your guitar playing to the next level!

I also offer a generalized program: General Musicianship for Guitarists.  This curriculum focuses on building your fundamental skill-set to become a well-rounded guitarist and musician in general.  Technique, chords, scales, note reading, music theory, aural training and improvisation are all covered in a balanced “geometric” approach, working across several areas at a time, with a focus on implementation.

Through the General Musicianship for Guitarists Program, you may find more specific goals may arise, in which case we can tailor from the areas in the GMGP to more closely and quickly move you towards your desired direction.



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